The team

A combined 50 years of web development talent brought together.

Mitch Rezman –

I’ve been a full-time webmaster for 14 years in that time I’ve built or have led a team to build more than 100 sites. 13 have been e-commerce sites – we currently operate seven sites (in five languages) and are looking to deploy an Australian e-commerce website.

Our core site is been on 4 platforms with seven hosts is currently just under 16000 pages. One of the things that I’ve learned is there is not a stitch of evidence that redesigning a website will improve its performance.

The problem most business owners run into when they commissioned the building website is they fall in love with the design and colors and they allow the design to be driven by their likes and wants.

We have a love-hate relationship with social media. We used to love showcasing our Facebook fan page with 300,000 fans but I have become the Mephistopheles of social media

As an example of “test for” versus “I’m in love with” – 45 days ago we removed every social media icon and sharing button on our site. We have seen approximately a .3% increase in conversion which is actually a big number in terms of revenue

All the experts have been very consistent in how important having the right social media icons are on your website. But when you sit back in the middle of the night sipping cold glass of whiskey the voices in your head start saying things like why are we sending visitors to Facebook and twitter? Do they really need our help? Why not that those platforms send us the traffic?

Most people and website developers build websites backwards starting with things like the homepage. We start on the checkout/conversion page ¬†and work our way forward because that’s where you want the customer to end up – at the bottom of the funnel collecting their payment or whatever information you are seeking to move forward in the sales process

As for the investment in electronic media as someone mentioned – actually that’s really minimal and cost pennies. Word press blog hosting starts at five dollars a month. We spend about $800 a month just to keep our website functional with plug-ins and services. Will be adding $400 a month just in enterprise site search because the improved customer experience should return a decent ROI

The big money (and time) is driving traffic to the website. Factoid 95% of all websites on the Internet get less than 30 visitors a month. When you launch your website you competing with approximately 125,000 websites that were launched today. It’s not about building a site is about getting the site found.

Factoid everybody talks a good game on it comes to video and puts them on their site – Google will ignore all the videos on your site in spite of the fact they are on YouTube unless you have a video site map

We know about responsive design and will be shifting our current independent mobile site to a responsive design but it’s been a hell of an education integrating and running the mobile site as a secondary site trying to provide the same user experience on the desktop site which have come to find is impossible.

It’s also interesting building in cultivating android and iOS apps for your site – I’ve been a DOS Windows guy for 30 years – suddenly I own two iPads (primarily to view the mobile site in iOS but also is a POS system for our storefront) – very foreign – I’ll get over it.

Whenever someone wants to eschew their fantastic design abilities I tell them to look at the most valuable piece of web real estate that’s worth billions and tell me about the complexity of the

homepage design – does this look like it’s worth billions of dollars?

As for copywriting I found Dragon NaturallySpeaking to be one of my best friends (next to John Jameson:-) I find there aren’t enough hours in the day to write about all the feedback that I get from interacting with tens of thousands of people every day.

Rick Fisher –

Chu Hai –

My name is Chu, I am an expert on zencart and web development because I’ve been working on it since 2005 till now.

I have developed a lot of professional modules, and most are the modularity that you must pay to use.

I created the zucando initially to support the store owners have an active website efficiency and solve all the problems that they have and all of my clients are really satisfied, of course I’m happy for that.

To ease the pressure of work each day a lot, I have completed quite a number of modules and you can see here, these modules are completely free to download, some of the other modules you have to pay to use but I am sure you that though the modules free of charge or not, all are very professional.

The last word, if you are sure that you will succeed in your business, then I will also confirm to you that I will help to make your systems run smoothly in a perfect manner.

Please try to send your enquiry and I will prove to you that you really right when you choose us.

About Zucando

ZUCANDO, it means “yes, you can do” and this is the first mission that we want you try to do before start to do anything else.

Before you start to ask someone to help you tackle the job, you should try to do it with yourself because you probably will succeed. This is an advice from us :).

If you can’t do it because you don’t have much free time for exploring, don’t worry because you can ask us.

Unlike you, we specialize in the field of web technologies developed and one of our missions is the how can make the customer may feel most comfortable in building a professional website, deserve every penny they pay.

Finally, if you want to know more about us, please send your request, we will take a look and inform you within 24 hour period. You can submit your request here